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Take control of your project deadline

Edghehood helps you keep track of the important milestones during your projects, so that you always know how to meet your deadline.

Stay on top of your deadlines

Break your project in milestones, assign when and who's responsible to deliver them. Edgehood will give you the deadline and remind everyone when a milestone is about to be due. You missed a milestone and that will push the deadline? Yes, it happens, but at least everyone involved can see it and understand why.

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Improve communication with your business partners

A good communication is at the center of every successful project. When you hire someone to work on the next big marketing campaign, or your brand new mobile app, making sure everyone on-board know what they have to do, for when, and what impact it will have on the deadline is crucial.

Edgehood allows you to keep track of those elements constituting your projects (contracts, decisions, milestones, deliverables, payments, etc.). This way, everyone on the project always know what they have to do next.

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Edgehood is built for efficiency

Get started in minutes! Edgehood is designed to help you organize and manage your projects quickly.

Unlimited Events

Projects can contains as many events as you need. Short or long projects you can handle them all.

Manage Business Partners

Invite people to your projects. Colleagues, customers, freelancers... Everyone involved will have a view on the deadline and what they're supposed to do next.

Project Progress

As you fill-in milestones, approve deliverables, or add new requirements, the project status will automatically update for everyone.


Commenting can be enabled on any event, it helps create a better understanding of what lead to it. It's also a great way to track context for your retrospective.

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Valuable data

Get actionable data that will help finish your projects

Finishing project is not only about distributing work, but also making sure everyone knows what to do. By making your project progress visible at all-time, you ensure that everyone knows when a project is on-track or not.

Deadline Automatically computed based on your milestones.

Alerts Always know what delayed your projects.

Goals Everyone has a role to play, but they need to know what it is.

Retrospective At the end of a project, seeing what went bad makes it easier to prevent it the next time.

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